About The Event

It’s all about team work, networking and having fun; whether you participate as an individual or with your workplace team.

Choose your session time and work with others to complete the challenges set.

The team will be challenged with puzzles and brain teasers to escape from the mystery room within a 60 minute limit or undertake the physical military inspired obstacle course or both.


Intellectual challenges may include general knowledge questions, brain teasers, logic, reasoning, puzzles and, much more. You are under the pump with time ticking. Every correct answer gets you one step closer to getting out! Every incorrect answer puts you 1 minute behind.

Can you do it?


Physical challenges include traverse ropes, rigs, ramps, monkey bars, a wind tunnel, reverse escalators, a mud pit and, much more. Bosses and their teams work together to encourage, assist each other to get over, under or through the obstacles successfully.

For more information about the event and who is eligible please go to FAQ’s.

How legacy Helps

Legacy Australia


There are all sorts of bosses: CEOs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Coaches, Teachers, and Principals. In fact, every business and industry has a range of bosses eligible to take part in Boss Bootcamp as individuals or with their workplace teams or school!

Newly introduced, we can bring Bootcamp to your School. It’s easy, register your school online; we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for our Boss Bootcamp team to come to your school. For more details please contact our office on 8231 9812 or email info@bossbootcamp.com.au


What category will you choose?
Challenge yourself and/or your team, or other competitors,
and even get muddy if you dare!

Elevated speed travelator
Suspension hoops
Tyre & Wall climb
The mud slide
Brain teasers & logical reasoning
Organised and systematic or creative and intuitive
Which answer is correct, you choose
Dexterity, interlocking or sequential movements

There’s even a wind tunnel!