Bootcamp for businesses

Legacy’s Boss Bootcamp is great for businesses!

We encourage businesses to use their training budget to invest in team building and relationships. The teams have to work together, physically and mentally to meet the challenges set.


  • Provides networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.
  • Facilitates staff team building and working together towards one goal.
  • Promotes and enhances the business's or organisations social benevolence.
  • Improves mental and physical fitness for those taking part.
  • Involves building teamwork and improves staff morale. Everyone at every level can take part and it’s a fun way to engage clients, customers and suppliers.
  • Opportunities for images of the boss/team at the event, creating fantastic photos to include in newsletters, Annual Reports, on website and social media.
  • Helps to identify potential leaders amongst the staff.
  • Allows everyone to see the benefit of working together on a project ‘outside of their traditional work roles’.
  • Gives an opportunity to utilise your training budget for the health and well being of your staff

Spirit of the anzacs

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Why register?

Participating in Boss Bootcamp is your chance to help Legacy Families, by raising the much needed funds required to continue and develop Legacy’s valuable services and support.

How do I start raising funds for legacy?

Fundraising is easy! Get your workplace behind you, use the resources provided on our website, follow us on social media to stay in touch or contact us to get you started. Here are a few tips.

  • As a team organise an event or number of events to get staff, suppliers, customers, family and friends involved.
  • Dollar matching will motivate the staff to raise more funds.
  • Engage your suppliers and contractors, invite them to participate, sponsor or donate to your event.
  • If your company has other sites or lots of departments why not combine your ideas and fundraising totals.

Just click on our fundraising tips page to get more ideas!

Follow and like us on Facebook for extra tips and challenges. Each time you have an event feel free to post photos and publicly thank your supporters. This will also give your company free promotion through our social mediums.