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Boss Bootcamp is about team building, partnerships and networking. We encourage peer to peer fundraising, it’s great to have your online fundraising page to circulate but you will have more fun and get more benefit from organising events, challenges, raffles to bring people together. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • You/your team can set a fundraising target and donate to yourself.
  • Update your profile on your online fundraising page with an image of yourself and your team and your reasons for participating.
  • Draft an email requesting sponsorship via your online fundraising page and circulate to your colleagues, suppliers, family, and friends.
  • You can post your participation in Bootcamp on your personal and company social media platforms.
  • Update your email signature using our downloadable banners and link it to your profile page.
  • Meet with your marketing team and staff to discuss ways of promoting your participation in Bootcamp through posters, content on your website, in your newsletter, in industry publications etc.
  • Get your staff involved through company Bootcamp raffles, social club events, or donation drives at work and tailor any upcoming programs to focus on your fundraising efforts.
  • Don’t forget to send a follow-up to people you have emailed, messaged, or spoken to asking them to donate to your cause.
  • Ask for help – you’re not on your own, the Legacy Bootcamp team are always here to help.
  • Finally, you can be creative. We encourage you to think outside the box with your fundraising efforts.

In a tragic twist that will have consequences lasting a lifetime, little Josh Williams was born the very same day his father, Lance Corporal Brad Williams, was laid to rest. “I was trying to hold it together for the two most precious people in my life; our three year old daughter Lilly and our son Josh, who was on his way.”

That’s how Sonia Williams remembers the traumatic day in September, when she sat weeping at the funeral of Brad, her husband and childhood sweetheart.

Sonia says she simply couldn’t have coped “Without the love and support of my friends, family and, of course, Legacy.”

Sonia Williams

Legacy Client*

Fundraising Tips

We want to make it easy for you to find fundraising ideas that best fit your business, industry, or school. Start your fundraising the right way and make it easy on you, your staff, or students by trying out some of our fundraising ideas.

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